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Sonic-Boom Magazine and Doppler Effect Records are proud to announce the release of an Oregon area "Industrial" compilation titled; Undercurrent.

Undercurrent is a collection of Portland area bands who compose electronic music on the edge. Many of these artists have spent years fighting for a right to be heard outside of the fragile microcosm that is the Portland music scene. Undercurrent has given them the chance to finally be heard in all their glory and we hope that you enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Undercurrent strides across a wide variety of genres from the guitar crossover sound of Mindvirus and Nobody, the tribal drumming of Mesmer, the acoustic experimentation of Triple Point, the electro-goth stylings of Nocturne to the more conventional electro-dance of Area 88 and Runes of Desire. With such a diverse selection of musical styles, Undercurrent should certainly appeal to just about everyone regardless of their particular tastes in music.

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