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Thine Eyes: Thread

This band reminds me of a Coil, Miranda Sex Gardem, Dead Can Dance mixture. Beautiful feminine vocals, alongside strong male vocals, interspersed with the occasional sample, lead the listener into dream world. The swaying, almost magical movement of the electronic orchestration, mixed with the wave motions of the vocals entice the ears into an aural sensation of chaos and paradise. Almost anything from this tape would make for an excellent soundtrack. The pieces, instead of having the usual silence between tracks, flow effortlessly from one to the next, as if they were constructed as one original track. Traditional ambience it isn't, but the drug induced psychedelic trips, and walks outside the fringes of reality are amongst sensations experienced. I was very impressed with what I believe is the debut release from this Oregon quartet. This is one of the few tapes I own that I could play for hours and hours, over and over, and never get bored with it. (Sonic-Boom - Jester)

The band from Oregon are back with a clean new packaging look and advanced production of their 4AD electronic collage sound. Their music contains beautiful vocals, male and female, worthy of a Projekt release with programmed and atonal atmosphere. There is a definite Gothic Industrial appeal for those into Black Tape Through Blue Girl to Attrition. What makes this even more appealing is the fact that the members of the band have academic backgrounds in music, so the construction is not simple layering used by most novice electronic bands.

Circe warps and bends sounds with echoed vocals to create depth. The second side offers surreal moods such as the twisted carnival notes of Threadbare, the intensity of the take off into Once Despised, the track with the most single appeal and the widest range of Jeni Sheldahl's enchanting soprano, and the bewitching drum patterns and wafting synth loop of Suspirios. Samples of spoken bits from the band are tossed in, especially in the final track Semaphore Thunder, but nothing is predictable here.

This cassette is the 4th releases by the independent label Arts Industria. Thine Eyes are simply one of the best largely undiscovered bands around and to miss out on their strong vision would be a great loss. (Industrial Nation - Kim Traub)

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