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Various Artists: Cyberbabies

Thine Eyes, masters of Tangerine Dream on Crystal Meth sound, crank out another mind altering masterpiece with Heroin Chic. Best listened to with headphones as they are panning freaks with a bent towards mind control. I don't know how they do the shit they do, but I am glad they do it. Personally, Thine Eyes are better than most drugs, yet still very addictive. (Paul Seegers)

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Various Artists: Sounds From The Asylum 1

'Thieves' Dance' by Thine Eyes is a slow pulse with some odd atmospheric synths and samples. Certainly not typical by any stretch, and as good as any of their other material. (DJ Antithesis)

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Various Artists: There Is No Time

The third disc includes rather more in the way of slower tracks than the first two. The first track, Jihad's "Hands That Hide" is one example, but the sequence of tracks from 7 through 10 provide what is probably my favourite sequence on all four discs. The first of these, Thine Eyes "Taunted" has a sick, lurching quality that, when combined with the distinctive quality of the vocals and a plethora of strange sounds, gives the whole track something of a disturbing quality. (Al Crawford)

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