Xorcist: Soul Reflections

  1. Anima 5:15
  2. Safuna 7:00
  3. Governet 6:40
  4. Pool of Thought 2:30
  5. Scorched Blood 7:46
  6. Erlicheda 6:34
  7. Stains 5:59
  8. Meditatio 5:33

"Soul Reflection" marks the first truly new album since Xorcist's debut album in 1991. Xorcist still retains all of it's DIY feel but it has also benefited from years of studio work and live performances. The music is much more fluid and cohesive than on previous releases, utilizing more appropriate vocal samples and intensely personal lyrics. Peter still continues to use vocal modifications on most the tracks but he has expanded to using several different filters and compression schemes so that we are not forced to listen to the same alteration technique on every track. As an added bonus Peter has added a guest female vocalist who has been present at most of the recent Xorcist live performances. As usual there are also a handful of purely instrumental and sample heavy tracks on the album. Once again Peter does an excellent job of choosing very appropriate samples that fit the overall mood and tonality of the track instead of being way off topic like many electro artists. Overall "Soul Reflection" is perhaps the best Xorcist release to date with just enough variety and consistency to please past, present and future Xorcist fans.

Xorcist is: Peter Stone & Sunshine

21st Circuitry Records
P.O. Box 170100
San Francisco, CA 94117

E-mail: circuit@sirius.com

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