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Xorcist: Scorched Blood

  1. Scorched Blood
  2. Scorched Blood (Torch Mix)
  3. Crack (Smoldering Mix)
  4. Scorched Blood (Inferno Mix)
  5. Burning The House Down
  6. Scorched Blood (Rising from the Ashes Mix)

Finally after two years silence, Xorcist returns with a triumphantly 55 minutes long single. The time has been very useful to Peter Stone and the musical reflects it immensely. Once again the quality of the production and music has gone up another level, a habit that Xorcist predictably follows on each release. The single consists of three mixes of the title track, a remix of a track from "Damned Souls" and a brand new track. Each of the mixes are drastically different from the original both in style, samples, and length. Peter has gone out of his way to make this single appear as more of an album that an EP with it's length and complexity. If you were anxiously awaiting this new Xorcist release then you will not be disappointed as it follows the a logical musical progression from his previous work quite nicely.

Xorcist is: Peter Stone

21st Circuitry Records
P.O. Box 170100
San Francisco, CA 94117


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