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Xorcist: Damned Souls

  1. Chant 2:18
  2. So Big 4:45
  3. Pray 5:24
  4. Business of God 4:57
  5. Xorcist 5:49
  6. HateLove 4:45
  7. You Are The One 5:19
  8. Hallucination 6:22
  9. UNGDSOB 5:50
  10. The Curse 5:10
  11. Candy 1:18
  12. Crack 7:02
  13. The Dance 4:47

My first impression of this album when I first listened to it was, "God, this sucks!" When I look back, and think about why I thought that, I want to maim myself. This album by far is the best produced and most original EBM industrial bands I have heard. Often times the subtlety of the songs takes several listening to comprehend, but once you get the feel of the music, it really grows on you. The vocals range from the vocalist's real voice to several stages of remiking and warping to give it that daemonic feel to it. It adds to the overall band title and album, but making you think in terms of possession, and evil in general. The 13 totally original tracks are highly recommended to anyone who enjoys the classical EBM genre, from Front Line Assembly, Front 242, to anything on Zoth Ommog, this album is for you. There is only one real downfall, the artist tends to reuse several basic drumbeats over in a few songs, but if you tend to overlook the few 'bad' tracks found on every album, you will never notice this. Overall, a good pick.

Xorcist is Peter Stone

21st Circuitry Records
396 Waller Street
San Francisco, CA 94117


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