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X Marks The Pedwalk: Freaks

  1. Zest 3:55
  2. Repression 5:20
  3. Swastika 4:07
  4. Express My Sentiments Exactly 3:45
  5. The Shot 4:10
  6. Helpless 3:40
  7. Battered Babies 3:59
  8. Church For Snow White 3:38
  9. Epilogue: Desert in Dawn 2:12
  10. Feast of the Resurrection 5:50
  11. I See You (Second View) 2:43
  12. No Premonition (Re-Edit) 6:22
  13. Paranoid Illusions (Sky Mix) 7:29
  14. Interruption

Sevren and X Marks The Pedwalk find a new domestic home in Metropolis Records that culminates in the reissue of the debut XMTP album with additional tracks. Oddly enough, the three new remixes are taken from the "The Killing had Begun" and "Drawback". The best track on the album, 'Abattoir', was conspicuously removed and replaced with a new track 'Interruption'. "Freaks" also is completely remastered, the artwork redesigned and lyrics included. Even with all of this work, the album still sounds a bit dated in places, but if you haven't experienced the early XMTP material before, then the reissue of "Freaks" is for you.

X Marks The Pedwalk is: Sevren Ni-Arb & Raive Yarx

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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