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X Marks The Pedwalk: Drawback

  1. Time Tunnel (Phase) 1:39
  2. Maximum Pace 6:21
  3. W.I.T.I.A.K. 5:06
  4. Turn of the Tide (Ebb Tide Mix) 4:23
  5. Time Tunnel (Phase Two) 3:41
  6. Sweep Hands 4:55
  7. The Past 5:06
  8. Turn of the Tide 6:00
  9. Drawback 6:49
  10. Sweep hands (Timeless 8.0) 4:33
  11. Clip The Lines 6:29
  12. MI_X Marks The Pedwalk 12:36

After the rather depressing stylistic changes on "Meshwork", I had all but written off X Marks The Pedwalk. A brief listen to XMTP's newest release "Drawback", quickly redeems the band. Sevren has taken two steps backwards musically to include some of the elements that made "The Killing Had Begun" so successful along with some of the more Techno elements of "Meshwork" for this album. As a result, "Drawback" is a rather well blended mixture of the two previous X Marks the Pedwalk efforts suggesting that Sevren has compromised his musical a little to appeal to his old fans while still trying to retain those he acquired with "Meshwork". Once again, female vocals are donated by Estefania, this time on three tracks, which are arguably the most Pop oriented material XMTP have ever written. Sevren also continues his fascination with thick basslines and elaborate string sections. In the end, "Drawback" should certainly do just what the title suggests and bring back all those fans that thought Sevren's radical change on his last album was a bit too much to handle.

X Marks The Pedwalk is: Sevren Ni-Arb & Raive Yarx

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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