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X Marks The Pedwalk: Meshwork

  1. Meshwork m.1 5:22
  2. Monomaniac 6:19
  3. Free and Alive 6:53
  4. Special Sign 7:02
  5. Emotion 7:14
  6. Never Look Back 5:42
  7. T.O.L. 6:10
  8. N-A-Lyse 6:22
  9. Meshwork y.2 4:40

Sevren Ni-Arb & Raive Yarx (Brain Nerves & X-Ray Evair) for the uninitiated forage into yet another new musical realm. Gone are the bygone days of Skinny Puppy influence and dancefloor electro. This time X Marks The Pedwalk has gone the direction that Delerium paved with their most recent release. A mixture of organic ambience, female vocals and the occasional eccentric dance piece. If you've had any experience with XMTP in the past you would not even recognize the band at first listen. You have to wait until at least a minute into the second track to catch any tacit comparison to previous albums. Yet the music still remains extremely minimalistic in contrast to the any of bands who have drastically changed their inherent sound in recent releases. I am odds as to whither this departure in an indication of growth or stagnation within band itself. Surely the overall diversity of the sounds used to produce the album are of a much smaller subset than ever before. In any case sum seems to be a great deal more than its parts which is more than you can say for some artists.

X Marks The Pedwalk is: Sevren Ni-Arb & Raive Yarx

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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