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X-Act: No Matter

  1. No Matter 4:30
  2. Dirty Little Things 3:58
  3. Nothing Will Change 4:28
  4. Stray Cat 4:49
  5. Pictures 4:15
  6. Sea of Emotions 5:39
  7. Explaining Faith 7:45
  8. Catching The Light 5:16
  9. Communication 6:13
  10. Colder 3:39
  11. No Matter (Penetrate Mix) 4:56
  12. Do You Know Why 4:25

X-Act is yet another project which has become a victim of the Electro Synth-Pop crossover phenomena that seems to be sweeping Europe as of late. Musically this means that for all intents and purposes, X-Act is truly a Synth-Pop band who just happens to occasionally use more aggressive percussion and song structures in a few of their songs. This means that the usual sappy Synth-Pop lyrics revolving around love, relationships, and other Pop drivel exist throughout the album. How this band managed to get signed to Zoth Ommog Records is beyond me, but musically they certainly do not fit into the standard mold that the rest of the label roster exhibits. Needless to say Electro-Industrial fans are warned to stay away from this record unless you happen to enjoy Synth-Pop, which might be indicative of some larger social problems you might be experiencing.

X-Act is: A. Koerber & H. Knitter

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda Blvd
Suite D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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