Album Cover

mindFluxFuneral: surrogate

  1. dream it dead
  2. dirt
  3. hatred
  4. reality
  5. shutdown
  6. dog-meat-god

Fresh from their appearance on the RMI CD #2 and signing a record contract mindFluxFuneral release their second EP. Following in the footsteps of their previous EP the music surveys the boundaries between accepted societal standards and the cultures who break those boundaries. mindFluxFuneral examines the ever present chaos in society and bring to light the deviance present in all of us. By expanding on this deviance mindFluxFuneral provides the necessary details to visualize many of these actions with pointed determination to try them out. We as the listener end up examining ourselves and questioning out own self deviance and reveling in it. Definitely a gripping piece of aural distortion if you enjoyed any other music by this band, you'll want this new EP.

N.U.M. Factory
P.O. Box 545
Oak Park, IL 60303-0545
(708) 383-9858


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