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UnFolkUs: UnFolkUs

  1. Cows In The Belly
  2. Clap For Jesus
  3. Magnolia Blonde
  4. Bast Con Los Cowboys
  5. Im Nimmerland
  6. Toothless in Nickelsdorf
  7. Hardcore Dangermusik
  8. Trashcan
  9. JamiesBloodyDollheadChandelier
  10. The Swining Toes

I am really wondering if the name of this band is meant to be a play on words and really meant "Unfocused", because that is certainly what the music sounds like. The entirety of the album consists of totally cacophonic noise made entirely from natural instrumentation. By natural I mean without the aid of computers, and instead via rattling, banging, tapping, blowing, humming, rubbing, and other mechanical methods on any object that makes noise. Included in the liner notes are a list of such items including sharp metal object and a battery. Need I say more? Of course, UnFolkUs use a bit of good old fashioned instrumentation as well such as guitars, clarinets and saxophones, just not in the way they were ever intentioned. The end result is a ten track album that sounds as if it was all written live in one take, totally unrehearsed and spontaneously. If so, this is definitely an unique improvisational group.

UnFolkUs is: Eveline Muller-Graf, Paul Hoskin, Bill Horist & Rob Bageant

Unit Circle Rekkids
P.O. Box 20352
Seattle, WA 98102


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