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Twisted Helices: Traversing a Twisted Path

  1. Tick in My Head 1 1:49
  2. Emanon 3:46
  3. Noise (v1) 4:50
  4. I, the State, am the People (s) 2:04
  5. HateSession 1: Song in Head 1:13
  6. Let us Blame God 2:30
  7. Tick in My Head 2-3 3:38
  8. Morals are Arbitrary 3:21
  9. The Lie 3:57
  10. Lynno and Reeno 2:21
  11. Don't You Believe in Me 5:01
  12. 4 Primes 5:51
  13. I Saw Kobain in a 7-11 3:19
  14. Kill'em All (and Let God Sort'em Out) 4:55
  15. Fur Elise 1:10
  16. The Rap of the Morons 2:35
  17. All the Things in My Room 3:26
  18. Hate Session 2: Furball in Throat 1:14
  19. I, the State, am the People (p) 2:07
  20. Noise (v2) 4:50
  21. Walking in the Dark 4:45
  22. The Last Prime (revisited) 0:50

How does one describe a band who has chosen to find common ground with the double helix of genetic material that defines life on this fragile greenhouse we call home? A simple description consisting of only one word simply will not do justice to the incongruity present on this piece of audio verbiage. Twisted Helices walks across genres as wide and disparate as industrial, jazz, synth-pop to name only a few. However this release can be divided into two distinct sections. One being a collection of older material which tends to use the same style of chord progressions and vocal alteration and a wide variety of new material which breaks forth from the mold originally placed upon the music. The lyrics themselves are insanely nonsensical yet are often deeply socio-political upon deeper examination. The music is definitely not for everyone as the often psychedelic nature of the guitar movements often clash with my inner harmony. Twisted Helices should be taken for what it tries to be, a personal journey into the mind of it's author who desires to share his private inner working of his mind with the public.

Twisted Helices
c/o Ram Samudrala
528 Monet Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 738-6117


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