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Trust Obey: Hands of Ash

  1. Hands of Fire 8:12
  2. Hands of Ash 9:48
  3. Hands of Glory 12:14
  4. Hands of Malice 16:16
  5. Hands of Clay 6:07
  6. Hands of Iron 10:14
  7. Larvatus 8:19

If you have been paying any attention to the music industry during the past year, the name Trust Obey should ring a bell. Trust Obey was the only band that was previously signed to Nothing Records that was dropped from lacking "commercial potential". I'm not sure what logic came to that conclusion but Fifth Column Records has sense enough to pick up Trust Obey as soon it was dropped and release the album almost immediately. True this album doesn't have the blitzkrieg marketing options of the rest of the Nothing Records stable, but that alone doesn't diminish it's quality. The real potential of this project lies in it's DIY production and denial to bend to the will of a producer in it's final mastering. From beginning to end John Bergin was responsible for the entire album. Musically John calls the album a heavy metal tribute classical Latin vocal arrangement, but I think that simply doesn't do any justice to the music. Certainly guitars are ever present on every song but the final track but they are used quite unlike any heavy metal I have heard. Instead they are used as a musical accompaniment to the drudgingly slow electronics which serves to accentuate the mood with their long drawn out power chords. In any event this album is something any fan of slow, harsh and rumbling ambience will enjoy.

Trust Obey is: John Bergin

Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044
(202) 783-0044


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