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Trumpets & Drums: Cyborgasm

  1. Mother Technology
  2. SF
  3. Plug and Play
  4. Cyborgasm
  5. Cyborg.asm - Source Code mix

The first thing you notice on this latest release from Daniel Kleczynski, the Polish mastermind behind Trumpets and Drums, is that he has dropped a lot of his trademarks sounds (guitar samples and keyboard trumpet sounds). For this CD single, Daniel has moved his music into a more trancy/techno territory (except for the song Mother Technology" which is more along the lines of synth-pop material), while still maintaining an industrial slant. This turns out to be a good change in direction; the music comes across with more of its own identity, whereas on previous releases the music sounded more like a combination of his influences. There is a creative inclusion of samples from sources ranging from the Beastie Boys to the Revolting Cocks. While there are no "real" vocals on any of the songs on this disc, the title track features vocal samples of women singing, screaming, and having orgasms (as can be guessed from title). Thankfully these orgasmic sounds are kept to a minimum and they have an otherworldly/robotic effect to them. (Kevin Congdon)

Trumpets & Drums is: Daniel Kleczynski

Apartado 47
P-2825 Monte Caparica


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