Album Cover

Triple Point: Stolen

Side 1

  1. Self Surrender
  2. Stolen
  3. Ring
  4. Blackpool

Side 2

  1. Build
  2. Hate Is
  3. Inquiry

Seven tracks, seven distinctly different musical styles that might as well belong to different bands altogether. The concept of a package album with all the music serving as a cohesive unit was thrown right out the window in favor of totally contrary tracks. This alone totally destroyed the album. At least the order of the tracks could have been selected in such a way as to allow an even flow between tracks but in this case the cut from a pop guitar track to ambient noise is like being hit by a car. Perhaps a little more work with a production engineer in the future might persuade the band to develop a more unified if they are lucky.

Triple Point is: V. Meja & D. Hinds

Triple Point
P.O. Box 2038
Eugene, OR 97402


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