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Triana - Musica Electronica

  1. Scary 4:33
  2. Me-Retro 6:33
  3. Fly 7:24
  4. Slip 5:20
  5. Loop 4:53
  6. Into The Beat 5:15
  7. My Reality 5:36
  8. Where Life Goes 6:40
  9. One Off 6:03
  10. I.C.Y.U.B. 5:44
  11. Exotica 4:19

While Triana's second album "Musica Electronica", isn't necessarily bad, musically speaking, it certainly isn't anything new or innovative. In fact some of the sounds used on this album are identical to those on my grandmother's electronic organ that I used to play around with as a kid. Personally, I don't understand the need to loop the same sounds over and over again for five minutes when it could be done for two and the song wouldn't sound any different. Triana is very guilty of this simplistic repetition that, at face value is boring and ultimately leads to musical stagnance and regression. All of the material present on this album are in the form of instrumentals, which could really stand to have some type of vocal work over them. Unfortunately the entire album rehashes musical concepts and elements that have been constantly reworked for decades, and as such, sounds very dated. My suggestion to the artist is to expand his selection of equipment and studio so that he might be able to expand his sound library and digital production and that he work on layering his music instead of relaying on only four to eight tracks of the same instruments.

Triana is: Danial Triana

Trilab Recordings
P.O. Box 612
Elizabeth, NJ 07207


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