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Transmisia: Frigid Prose

  1. Hybrid (30 Seconds of... Mix) 3:56
  2. Flame Protector (Upcoming Meeting Mix) 6:27
  3. Flame Job (Final Meeting Mix) 6:33
  4. Virus (Ted Bundy Mix) 6:06
  5. Dumbshow (Orwell Mix) 7:22
  6. Madre (Scorny Mix) 4:05
  7. General Death (Dumb Mix) 4:30
  8. Ali Khan Aschia Sulein Man's Pran (Muezzin Mix) 11:31
  9. Hail (Snow Mix) 3:08

This 'new' Transmisia album is actually not new, but instead a collection of remixed, rearranged, and reworked Transmisia tracks. The masterminds behind this collection of reinterpretations are none of other than Mick Harris and Eraldo Benocchi. You might recognize Mick from variety of projects which include and are not limited to Napalm Death, Scorn, & Lull. Having not actually heard any of the original version of these tracks, I really cannot compare the final outcomes of the remixes. However, the general mood throughout most of the material is one of constant change and shifting beats. Many of the tracks are heavily laden with bass and the usual Mick Harris ambient dub stylings. If you are not a fan of disorganized electronic chaos then this is not an album for you. Yet, if you really enjoy loosely beat structures and varying array of upbeat and downbeat material alongside each other, then this album might be something that interests you.

Transmisia is:
Mick harris - additional recording & mixing
Eraldo Benocchi - additonal recording & Mixing
Sinisia Simper - vocals, bass, fx
Robert Paus - guitars
Robert Meznaric - drums, machines
Gabriele Bramante - engine

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60618


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