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Trance To The Sun: Delirious

  1. A Force Behind The Wheel
  2. Delirious
  3. Leaves
  4. And Then We Mutated
  5. Violet Thursday
  6. Temporary Sanctuary
  7. Sympathy For Cruel Causes

Trance to the Sun was one of the handful of acts that caught my ear while attending Convergence I in Chicago during the summer of 1995. Since that time I wondered if they had been able to release any material, so when I was handed a copy of 'Delirious' at a local performance I was very anxious to give it a listen. I was extremely pleased to hear crisp production and excellent engineering on the record after suffering through a lousy sound man at the actual live set. Musically, Trance To The Sun mesh minimal electronics and slow booming bass lines with melodic female vocals. Also present, although you wouldn't know it, is a guitar on most tracks on the album, yet for some reason it remains solely in the background used as a harmonic accompaniment to the vocals with a very acoustic sound to it. As a result, almost the entire album could be played at your local gothic venue of choice and the whole dance floor would be filled with the exquisite weaving of black clad bodies. Overall, 'Delirious' is a very solid electro-gothic album that should appeal to avid club attendees and female vocalist enthusiasts alike.

Trance To The Sun are:
Ashkelon Sain - instruments, voice, effects
Dawn Wagner - voice

P.O. Box 22504
Santa Barbara, CA 93121

E-mail: none

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