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Totemplow: Applaud The Execution

  1. Applaud The Execution
  2. Terminate
  3. Raga
  4. 100 Miles
  5. Raga (Praxis Killer Dub)
  6. Conjouring Repetition
  7. Death Valley

Totemplow is a brand new single person act hailing from the Bay Area. What makes this debut album so spectacular is that the entire record was totally performed on a guitar. Yet when you listen to each track you would swear that extensive sampling and electronic programming was used to compose each piece. In reality Chad utilized only a variety of pedals, distortion, layering and other mechanical devices to alter his guitar on each track. As a result there are few unaltered chords or notes present on the album. Each track thereby becomes a bizarre collection of analogue ambience and noise experimentation that could only be compared to people like K.K. Null or Jim O'Rourke in it's complexity. I'm astounded that Totemplow is a project that has appeared from virtually nowhere and yet contains enough raw talent and experience to compose such an awe inspiring release. It had to happen someday, but I have finally been truly humbled by a guitar players skill and it could not have been caused by a more deserving person.

Totemplow is: Chad Jones

Manifold Records
P.O. Box 12266
Memphis, TN 38182
(901) 454-9756


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