Album Cover

Total Devotion: Isolation

  1. Lost
  2. Anarchy
  3. Ride
  4. My Own World
  5. The Fury
  6. Isolation

Total Devotion heads back to its contemporary Dance roots with this new six song EP. While Rimas Campe still uses many elements found in post-Industrial, most specifically movie and television samples, "Isolation" is not an Electro album. The music and lyrics are simply not dark enough. Instead, Total Devotion walks the fine boundaries of Techno, Alternative Dance, and Synth Pop. The vocal work is straight forward, without any effects or processing. The drum programming, while complex, consists of a limited number of drum sounds and the cymbals are straight from pre-sets on the drum machine. Ultimately, Total Devotion is light hearted electronic Pop music without fancy arrangements or complex messages.

Total Devotion is: Rimas Campe

Total Devotion
P.O. Box 284
Owings Mills, MD 21117-0284


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