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Tinty Music: Stone Temple Plots

Side 1:

  1. Thyrodism 3:00
  2. Iodide 6:20
  3. Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy 14:15
  4. Transfixion Spigot 3:15
  5. Executable #2 0:53
  6. Executable #3 0:47

Side 2:

  1. Against The Flow 5:15
  2. Sinistrata (mix #2) 23:15

Apart from the obvious pun of the title this Tinty Music release does seem to express a religious motif in it's music. The majority of the tracks are very calming expanses of ambience which seem to suggest a life of their own, yet act as if they are restrained inside of a enclosed space. They suggest that a holy spirit has become trapped within a statue or icon of some denominational faith and it yearns to escape. The rest of the tracks seem to utilize sample sources derived from machine noise found around the house. I can hear the hum of heating vent fan, whine of a hair dryer, and other mutilated household appliances all fed into a sampler and processed. I always admire a project that makes use of everyday resources for their music.

Tinty Music is: Kevin O'Connor

Tinty Music
P.O. Box 85363
Seattle, WA 98145-1363
(206) 632-9369


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