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Tinty Music Noise Unit: Sublimation

Side 1:

  1. Sublimation 22:00
  2. Meprobamate 14:33

Side 2:

  1. Those Last Few Steps 1:08
  2. Dreamslip (excerpt one) 3:45
  3. Isoide/Mirror 10:51
  4. In Transit 6:25
  5. Heatphase 1:49
  6. Dreamslip (excerpt two) 9:00

Sublimation is the second journey into the caustic realms of the 'Noise Unit' side project of Tinty Music. While the first side of the release remains focused much along the lines of the previous 'Noise Unit' release with extensively altered loops of found sound, the second side of the tape ventures into slightly more experimental grounds. Rare vocals samples are used throughout the smaller pieces which is highly uncommon in compared to the majority of the preceding work. Tinty Music usually utilizes the extreme length of it's tracks to lull the listener and induce subtle change across the breadth of the piece, but with the shorter track times, it has allowed the music to undergo previously unheard of spontaneous vector changes. This rapid shift in timing takes the listener through a whirlwind array of sound collages and doppler effect ripples which remind me a great deal of some of the early sound motion studies I learned about in physics. This directional change in musical styles definitely signals musical growth from the band and peaks the interest of this audience.

Tapes Available for U.S. $8 (U.S. $12 outside North America)

Tinty Music is: Kevin O'Connor

Tinty Music
P.O. Box 85363
Seattle, WA 98145-1363
(206) 632-9369


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