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Tinty Music Noise Unit: Abstractions

  1. Wind Tunnel 7:11
  2. Swept 8:08
  3. Magnetic De-Composition 15:26

This side project of Tinty Music sways away from the typical ambient styling that the single man project has become fond of for more of a noise experimentation vein. Hence the addition of 'Noise Unit' to the end of the usual band title. So gone are the waves of eerie sound echoing off corridors and in it's place are droves of wind echoes and magnetic disturbances. Unlike most conventional noise artists Tinty Music avoids creating a sound that is total feedback or dissonance preferring instead to restrict his choice of sound texturing to those which are more pleasant to the human ear. This sound might be a doppler effect from an airplane looped, edited and flipped in reverse or perhaps the sound of a spot welder as he ignites his acetylene torch. Each of those sounds contain a more narrowed approach to sound research and analysis than most noise artists seem to prefer. However it creates a much more enjoyable atmosphere than simply dubbing a feedback loop into a sound effects processor and hence is more pleasant to experience.

Tapes Available for U.S. $5 (U.S. $8 outside North America)

Tinty Music is: Kevin O'Connor

Tinty Music
P.O. Box 85363
Seattle, WA 98145-1363
(206) 632-9369


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