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Tinty Music: Noises in the Night

  1. TMNU - Explosions in My Head #3 1:47
  2. Interference Patterns/Tinty Music - All the Lights of the Universe... 12:10
  3. TMNU - Gotanda-eki / Shibuya-eki / Ekimae 10:45
  4. TMNU - RMI Under Siege 1:33

"Noise in the Night" is the first compilation of material from other locations released by Tinty Music. It consists of for tracks of which one track is a collaboration, another appeared in a Probe Recording release, and the two short pieces are reworked pieces of other short sound collages. Both the first and final tracks are actually executable and text files output through a computer sound card with the last track being a portion of a flame war on as raw feedback. The second track is of a collaboration between Tinty Music and Interefence Patterns which has a very subdued and minimalistic feel to it. The tracks almost borders on ambience, with certain elements so low in the mix that you have to turn the volume up very high to appreciate it. The third track originally appeared on a limited edition double cassette release by Probe Recordings called the "Woodblock Compilation". Overall "Noises in the Night" is a diverse example of what Tinty Music is capable of producing and serves as an excellent introduction to the mood and feel of the band.

Tinty Music is Kevin J. O'Conner

Tinty Music
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