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Tinty Music: Live at Anomalous Records 31 May 1997

  1. Densha no naka (Deep in Thought on the Yamanote) 13:58
  2. The Ocean has Murky Depths to Soothe Your Troubled Soul 16:28

Recorded at only the third live Tinty Music performance ever, this new release also marks the first time that color artwork has graced a Tinty Music release. As with most Tinty Music release, the cassette artwork is of a simple design but this time it utilizes the element of color instead of black & white. This totally live release is broken down into two tracks each performed in two separate methods. The first track 'Densha no naka' was thoroughly planned in advance, so it utilized already designed sounds elements for the synthesizer and cassette backing. As a result the music is much more structured than previous live material, allowing the band to incorporate a little bit of live layering to the track. The second track 'The Ocean has Murky Depths to Soothe Your Troubled Soul' was designed with only a minimal amount of planning the night before and as such has a much more chaotic and improvised feel to it. Overall both pieces show an increase in live performance confidence for Tinty Music. There are fewer mistakes and the music flows without the presence of any undesired sounds. Kevin has definitely learned from his two previous live performances and it shows on this release.

Tinty Music is Kevin J. O'Conner

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