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Tinty Music

Weightlessness: Of Contemplation & Distraction

  1. It Came Crashing 00:28
  2. Flow 23:04
    1. Angel Afloat on a Beam of Light 02:45
    2. The Dark Dip Beckons 01:57
    3. Weave 03:50
    4. Blood 07:37
    5. Mood 03:54
    6. Accidental Kalimba 01:19
    7. Confession 01:42
  3. Mindblocker (Remix) 03:15
  4. Suspended in Disbelief 10:23
  5. Mind the Gap 20:32
  6. Weightlessness 07:47
  7. In a Funk 02:28

Light wafting sound constructions reminiscent of dreams long gone, memories of distant worlds only accessible while asleep. Music to be listened to in a dark room while hazardous weather rumbles across the planet. The music kind of evokes some of the ideas brought forth in Bruce Sterling's "Heavy Weather" which is odd seeing as this music was all written prior to the publishing of the book. The music seems to just drip of weather analogies and would be at home accompanying almost any environmental change or perhaps just played with falling asleep. However, the last two tracks speed up a little near the end and sort of seem out of place with the rest of the music unless you consider them as the crescendo leading to the finale of the total work. Definitely a very strong ambient work that should be heard by all.

Tinty Music is: Kevin O'Conner

Tinty Music
P.O. Box 85363
Seattle, WA 98145-1363
Voice: (206) 632-9369
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