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Tinfed: Hypersonic Hyperphonic

  1. Thinwall Turmoil
  2. Whatever
  3. Wait Suspension
  4. Dis-Jointed
  5. Insulin
  6. Elliv Noir Am
  7. Doubtless
  8. Unfamiliar
  9. Dis-Jungle

While technically not an industrial project by any stretch of the imagination, Tinfed is one of the many guitar crossover projects with heavy Punk roots picked up by Re-Constriction in the past few years. The use of electronics is kept to a bare minimum with most of the sequencing and keyboard rhythms restricted to the header and trailer of each track. The remainder of the music is a modern rock quartet who fit the current trend of alternata-pop bands all too well. Tinfed is one of those bands who would fit perfectly on tour with the likes of God Lives Underwater, Stabbing Westward, Filter & Gravity Kills which means they should do rather well with the current crossover audience. Tinfed only strays from this model on a single track located rather conspicuously at the end of the EP. The track aptly titled 'Dis-Jungle', is exactly what it sounds like, a jungle version of the 'Dis-Jointed' track. However, the track is so much of a departure from the rest of the EP that one would be hard pressed to say it was performed by the same band if one didn't know any better.

Tinfed is:
Rey Osburn - voice, guitar, programming
Eric Stenman - guitar, programming
Nick Dickerson - bass
Matthew - beats, deprogramming

Re-Constriction Records
4901-906 Morena Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92117-3432


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