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Tim Walters: The Dry Well

  1. Two-Thirds God
  2. Descent of Inanna
  3. Under
  4. For Want of a Nail
  5. Valence
  6. The Dry Well

Try and imagine if you will a child's hand built kalimba being digitally restructured into ambient tonal arrangements and you'd have the sound you would be hearing on the later half the The Dry Well. Much of the remainder of the album lacks all beat or metallic framework usually present in natural occurring sound manipulation. The influences of many principle natural ambient artists such as Brian Lustmord has had a profound effect on many a musician as of late and Tim Walters is no exception. Much of the time as I listen to this music I think of late nights spent alone as a child without adult supervision as I listened to the house creak and sway in the wind. There is a great deal of reminiscent quality within distinct pieces of sound present on this album that I can readily identify having experienced throughout my life. I find it both eerie and vaguely ecstatic that I find myself going through deja vu while playing this album in the background while accomplishing many of my daily tasks. Tim Walters has done an excellent job of quantifying musically many of the memories evoked by sound whither intentional or otherwise.

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