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Thorn: Bitter Potion

  1. Pacing 3:43
  2. Martyr 4:47
  3. Flesh of Skies 3:51
  4. Desire (Sabre Sharp Love) 5:14
  5. Thorn 5:09
  6. Shadows 3:31
  7. Legions of Lace 5:23
  8. Tense 4:26
  9. The Fear of Night 5:16
  10. The Year of Discontent 6:02
  11. Thursaz 3:54

For a band billed as guitar industrial, it sounds more like industrial glam rock, with the keyboards being added as a feeble attempt to make the band more marketable. The music literally reeks of former glam rock musicians and resembles bad carbon copies of such band as Whitesnake, Poison, Warrant, Firehouse, need I say more? So, avoid this album like the plaque unless your are metal crossover brat trying to become more cultured in your music taste, even then I'd suggest something else with slightly more talent, say perhaps Ministry.

Thorn is:
John Jesse - Lead Vocals and Bass Guitar
Roy Mayorga - Drums and Programming
Stephen Flam - Guitars

Roadrunner Records
536 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

E-mail: none

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