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Think Tank: Skullbuggery

  1. Hack 2 4:00
  2. The Screen 3:45
  3. Tankology 6:15
  4. Anticipatory Retaliation 4:27
  5. No Kiss Kiss 3:17
  6. Homefront 3:48
  7. Unrealpolitik 4:56
  8. Tempest 3:21
  9. Jingo Lingo 3:35
  10. Skullbuggery 3:58
  11. Googelplectic 4:45

Think Tank is Paul Robb's first solo release since amicably departing from Information Society in 1993. Lets just get one thing straight before we continue any further, this is not another Information Society clone album, this is Paul's own personal project. However, it is quite obvious that Paul has used the past few years to springboard his music up a few additional notches. He has combined many of the elements of modern European club music with a fraction of his older work and a large portion of appropriated material from other artists to create his own personal style. Vocals are kept to an absolute minimum, utilizing vocal samples to communicate most of the verbal message and the music to set up and tear down the emotive conduit between the artists and the audience. Ultimately, Think Tank really is just a fun album to listen to and should not be read into too far. It is just Paul trying to share a great deal of his personal amusement with the audience and trying to incite them into having a good time.

Think Tank is: Paul Robb

Think Tank
501 NE First Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55413


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