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Thine Eyes: From The Taunt

  1. Warpaint 5:30
  2. Unreal Streets 2:49
  3. Defanger 5:40
  4. Soft in the Hand 5:08
  5. Bottleneck 4:54
  6. Heroin Chic 3:59
  7. Mithe 5:28
  8. Black Hole Lung 5:07
  9. End of Cocytus 5:29
  10. La Fin (Gamera Remix) [La Floa Maldita] 3:23

While not an official Thine Eyes release, "From the Taunt" does serve as a musical stepping stone of sorts for the band. Thine Eyes has been vainly working with a variety of record labels for the past several in hopes of finally netting a contract. The only label that had given them any semblance of a bite was Kodex Records, yet even Kodex has been over a year in finalizing any terms. So they have been forced to compile yet another collection of demo material to begin shopping for yet another label. However this time they have chosen to press their own CD's to take advantage of their crystal clarity of digital media and the effect it has on their music, and what a difference it makes. The subtleties of their vocal work and bitter electronic feel have reached an all time high note on this album. It is a real shame that no one has paid much of any attention to this truly marvelous band. It kind of makes me want to release their material out of my own pocket.

Thine Eyes are: Laird Sheldahl, Tanner Volz & Rian Callahan

Thine Eyes
3021 30th Ave West
Seattle, WA 98199


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