Album Cover

The Piercing: Punchline

Side 1:

  1. Anything Less
  2. Sex Goddess

Side 2:

  1. The Deepest Purple
  2. This Disease

How do one go about describing a band who on one hand seems to be falling into the tired cliche of becoming a Reznor clone and yet on the other seems to retain enough individuality to break free from the hole it has dug for itself? You can hear the music desperately trying to break free from the restrains placed upon it and not succeeding because it is simply not trying vehemently enough. The song titles and lyrics are strikingly reminiscent of Trent's first comparisons which scream hero worship and yet harbor denial for even suggesting the idea. Perhaps with a little more time, effort and determination the music will be able to fend for itself in the outside world and shatter the tight bonds in which it is currently tied. If skill and necessity are the mother of invention I think The Piercing stands a decent chance of propagating a mutagenic strain of itself which will be able to stand erect on its own.

The Piercing is: Andrew Forslund

The Piercing
P.O. Box 5761
Riverside, CA 92517


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