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THD: Watz Your Program

  1. Icon of Fear
  2. Days Ahead
  3. Watz Your Program
  4. Floating Corpse (Brain Leisure Mix)
  5. Genetik Lullaby
  6. Inhibitor (Assemblage 23 Mix)
  7. Anubis
  8. Genetik Lullaby (CTL's Double Helix Mix)
  9. Days Ahead (Boom's SoBU Mix)
  10. Days Ahead (12th Hour mix by DJ Twitch)
  11. Prelude to Statik

After Hard Records dropped THD shortly after the release of their second album "Outside In", their fans cried foul. As it turns out, half a dozen other acts were pruned from the label with the excuse of money and a changing label focus. This abuse only hardened the tenacity of THD who then recently emerged with record deal with the Pennsylvania Electro upstart Pendragon Records after a few years of dormancy. The time THD were AWOL from the scene was well spent this album indicates. Unlike most of their brethren, THD ignore the Electronica revolution of late and continue their tested method of quality Electro with a style and sound that is quite unique. Purists might complain when they hear the Funk influenced "Days Ahead" with its Rappy vocal work, or the trippy bass rhythms of the title track, but these innovative genre shattering ideas are what THD have been about since their inception. Besides, you can always listen to 'Icon of Fear' on perpetual repeat if you want an example of a picture perfect Electro piece. Me, I'll just enjoy the electronic diversity of this release as it was intended and not nitpick about occasional odd drum section.

THD is: Shawn Rudiman & E. Vargo

Pendragon Records
P.O. Box 388
Yardley, PA 19067


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