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THC: Consenting Guinea Pig

  1. Consenting Guinea Pig
  2. Sinkhole
  3. Need To Destroy
  4. Researching Sleep
  5. Coexistence
  6. Need To Destroy (BiGod 20 Mix)

This new T.H.C. EP is nothing more than a minimalistic collection of rather bland bass and percussion. Once again it appears that T.H.C. has decided remain more of a derivative project rather than striking out to find it's own sound. The majority of the tracks consist of more than a nominal amount of preset material as well as the standard collection of Goa/Trance scales and loops which altogether are very bland and uninspiring. The only upside is that if you don't care about substance and you just want to shake your body to the music, this is the type of stuff you would really enjoy. The only saving grace of this EP is the single vocal track and associated BiGod 20 remix. On 'Need To Destroy', the donated vocals by Sarah Folkman and the uncharacteristically slowed tempo are used to their best advantage creating a very lush choral style. Maybe with luck T.H.C. can be persuaded to release more material in the same vein rather than the more common collection of insipidly derivative material on the rest of this EP.

T.H.C. is: George Sarah
Fifth Column Records
P.O. Box 787
Washington, DC 20044


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