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Test Dept.: Tactics For Evolution

  1. Enigma of Doctor Dee
  2. Unforgiven
  3. Voyager
  4. Atlantis
  5. 2 Ghettos
  6. Dark Light
  7. Motivation
  8. Miotica
  9. Vena Cava (Life Blood)
  10. Rat

With the release of "Tactics for Evolution" is appears that Test Dept. have gone permanently electronic. The success of their North American tour in 1997 and the constant influence of the electronic medium finally forced Test Dept. to give up their bagpipes and classical orchestration for the sampler and keyboard. If any other project released this album, it would immediately be labeled a sell-out record, but Test Dept. victoriously to avoid such issues because they continue to be groundbreaking despite their change of musical medium. Much of this is due to their age old axiom of embracing change and pushing the boundaries of music regardless of where that might take the band. While many tracks on the "Tactics of Evolution" utilize elements of Drum'n'Bass, Ambient Dub and Electro, you cannot simply pigeonhole this band into a genre. The only constant that Test Dept. thrives upon in the use of unique percussion which puts most Drum'n'Bass and Dub artists to shame. It is this sole element that kept Test Dept. alive for two decades and will carry them successfully into the next millennium with the release of this album.

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