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Test Dept: Pax Britannica

This album is a domestic reissue of the classic Pax Britannica album from 1991. This time the Test Dept boys have outdone themselves by incorporating the Scottish Chamber Orchestra in this Oratorio in Five Movements. One thing to listen carefully for throughout this album is how patriotic to Britain the opening. The over the duration of the piece it slowly becomes warped and ends up becoming compared to it's daughter nation of the Unites States. One can sense the deeply rooted mistrust and disgust that Test Dept has with the political stooges in it's government. The music in a perfectly orchestrated mixture of classic Test Dept percussion and symphonic composition with a wide variety of vocal work. The vocals vary from more of a lectern speech to a pomp and circumstance patriotic anthem. The overall essence of this album can only be truly captured by listening to the whole piece from beginning to end. Then one can truly appreciate the unique nature of the composition and the diverse musical and compositional talent of the band.

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
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