Termite (demo)

Side 1:

  1. Life in Hell
  2. Obliged
  3. Ignorant Bastard
  4. Weapon Man
  5. Kitchen Burned
  6. Chop Chop

Side 2:

  1. Reply
  2. Part Ten
  3. Further
  4. Shroud
  5. Me & My Gun
  6. Repeated Blows

A very eclectic collection of songs put together by a very deranged musician in his own bedroom. An electronic interpretation of an older 'They Might Be Giant' albums with it's turbid lyrical style and bizarre panache. Some of the songs are very catchy and I've caught myself humming the lyrics along with the songs while other are simply nerve grating and mindless displays of inanity. One thing does need to be mentioned is the artists has never had a single critique of his music until this review so he has not had an outside opinion to consult when developing his music. Instead he has remained in a vacuum, writing music as a hobby in his free time. Ignoring the recording quality and the blatant insanity of such songs as 'Chop Chop' and instead focusing on the remainder of the demo, the artist definitely has a great deal of compositional skill that has yet to be exhibited and with any luck and a great deal of work a concise musical work might yet be created with a firm direction of sound instead of this wild array of musical expression evident here.

902 Baldwin
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

E-mail: unknown

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