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Terminal Sect: Bread and Wine for the Dirt

  1. Bread and Wine for the Dirt
  2. Dissident Eye (Million Arrow Stare Part II)
  3. Skin Frost
  4. Pushbutton
  5. Sex, Dying, and Zero Gravity
  6. Headshredder
  7. Sanctuary
  8. Weakest Line (Hugin and Mugin)
  9. Dust
  10. A Coward and a Bomb
  11. Fate and Fire
  12. Plastic Meat

Terminal Sect return with a brand new album which shows tremendous progress in both the musical and lyrical abilities of this band, illustrating the fact that they have overcome the many Skinny Puppy comparisons that haunted them on their debut album. The lyrics still deal with the evils of societies, but they seem to have gained more spite and straight-forwardness to them this time around. The overall album gains a stronger aggressive feel, yet is also more "catchy" at the same time. There are even some mellow/pop elements on the album, reminiscent of Severed Heads, especially on the track 'Sex, Dying and Zero Gravity'; and the inclusion of some funky elements that make for a very enjoyable listen. The production and engineering work has also improved (especially with the drum programming which now has a much tighter and compact sound), which brings a much cleaner delivery to the entire album. While they do work in a substantial amount of guitar on a number of songs, they still leave the impression of being more aligned with some of the more potent European electro-industrial bands of today. They also once again display that they are very capable of creating long pieces of music (over half of the tracks are over 6 minutes in length) with enough energy, tempo change and exuberance, that you will never feel that songs should have been shorter (including the 13 minute epic track at the end of the album). This is an album that should find a nice long stay in your stereo. (Kevin Congdon)

Terminal Sect are: Howard Wulkan & Colin Schwen

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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