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Terminal Choice: Khaosgott

  1. Prologue
  2. Fleischmacht
  3. The Forest
  4. Khaosgott
  5. The Age of Suffering
  6. Deathwish
  7. Queen of Darkness
  8. The Witchhunter

Just when I had ruled out the possibility of intelligent music being written in the wastelands of Scandinavia, out comes Terminal Choice, a band who actually know what they are doing. 'Khaosgott' opens with a slow prologue serving as an excellent lead-in to 'Fleischmacht' which shares more in common with the Power Noise movement than any other style of music. The rest of the album flip-flops back and forth between rhythmically abusive selections, which use samples noise, the musical construct of choice and slow brooding orchestrations with a very medieval feel. The plodding bass movements and full bodied vocals of tracks like 'Forest', remind me of Cold Meat Industry bands, while the keyboard progressions of 'The Age of Suffering' exhibit a hidden beauty. Terminal Choice is certainly a band of wide musical variety and talent, evident in this short, eight track album. The single downside to this release is the decision to place a bonus track as track 66 which most CD players can't play.

Terminal Choice is: Chris, Dennis, Jens, Riccardo & Sten

Cyberware Productions
P.O. Box 623
FIN-33101 Tampere, Finland


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