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Terminal 46: Paradise Lost Me

  1. Breaking the Ice
  2. Paradise Lost Me
  3. The Greatest Plague
  4. Descending
  5. All This Time
  6. Please Come Down
  7. Insinnerateher
  8. Bottom of the Glass
  9. The Day the Music Died
  10. Stagger Back Home
  11. Mainline to the Bottom
  12. Fuct (Chupa Cabra mix)

After a name change (formerly known as Auschwitz 46), this Texas band returns to bring a release which demonstrates some of the best meshing of electronics and guitar-driven mayhem that has been heard in a while; this band definitely knows how to create a powerful album that does not rely mainly on one element at the sacrifice of any other ingredient. One of the stronger points of the album is that they do not just present in-your-face aggressiveness (although that is very present), but showcase emotive, moodier moments in such tracks as `The Greatest Plague' and `All This Time' and more experimental leanings on the track `Insinnerateher' and `Fuct'. Another interesting thing they incorporate is the addition of short, bizarre snippets or sutures at the end of many songs which adds to the fluidity between tracks on the album; this has been done by other bands before, but this band does it in such a smooth way that you probably won't even realize it until after a fair amount of listening sessions. The vocals sound similar to Nivek's unprocessed vocals in many places, although it is not done as an imitation, that is just the singer's natural voice; and it is a welcome change from their debut EP where there was mostly just a heavy amount of screeching and distortion on the vocals. This release easily stands up with any of the bigger names in the Coldwave scene and this band could easily be one of the top contenders of this style if they continue to put out quality material like this. (Kevin Congdon)

Terminal 46 are:
Corey Wilson - lyrics, vox, guitars, programming, treatments, samples
Erik Gustafson - bass, programming, guitars, treatments, vocals
Kyle Findlay - programming, treatments, samples
Jason McMasters - guitar
Sugar - percussion

46 Broadcastes
P.O. Box 150878
Austin, TX 78715-0878


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