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Tear Garden: To Be An Angel Blind, The Crippled Soul Divide

  1. Ascension Day
  2. We The People
  3. In Search Of My Rose
  4. Crying From Outside
  5. Psycho 9
  6. With Wings
  7. Judgement Hour
  8. New Eden
  9. Tasteless
  10. Cyberspider
  11. Malice Through The Looking Glass
  12. Phoenix
  13. The Habit

The new Tear Garden album is the first release since 1993's "Sheila Liked The Rodeo" as well as the only TG record that doesn't feature the dearly departed Dwayne Goettel. Edward Ka-Spel's vocals remain as mellow as ever and Cevin Key has chosen to stay away from much of the electronic programming. Instead focusing mostly upon his instrument of choice, acoustic percussion The end result is an exceedingly mellow album that sounds more like The Legendary Pink Dots with Cevin on drums than a Tear Garden release. Of course that might have more to with the current roster of the band rather than the intent. With the exception of a handful of dub tracks, the majority of the album is starkly minimalistic and hauntingly beautiful. One almost gets a sense that this album could quite possibly be a funeral dirge for the passed away membership by the album title and overall encompassing mood of the album. We'll probably never know for sure, but the thought did bring a sigh of contentment and a tear to my eye.

Tear Garden is: Cevin Key, Edward Ka-Spel, The Silver Man, Ryan Moore, Martijn de Kleer, De Green Guy & Niels van Hornblower

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