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Tear Ceremony: Film Decay

  1. Resurfacing
  2. Seismograph
  3. Jean Seberg, circa 1958
  4. Morse Code
  5. The Speed of Film
  6. Brill Building, 4am
  7. Constructing New Cities
  8. Afloat
  9. Zapruder Frame
  10. Dissolve

Soundtracks for unrealized films are extremely popular these days in the electronic music industry and Tear Ceremony is not the first to release an album under similar auspices. They are the first band to my knowledge, however, to actually incorporate the sampling of actual film equipment into such a composition. Other intriguing samples including hard drive murmur, scanners, Geiger counters, seismograph hums, and Morse code. Each sound element is adds new life and textures to an otherwise overdone style of music. The technological equipment sampled throughout gives "Film Decay" a distinctly Cold War feel. It also lends a definitive uniqueness, dating the soundtrack in a specific period of technological advancement. All these elements make this album one of the best conceptual soundtracks I have experienced.

Simulacra Records
P.O. Box 703463
Dallas, TX 75370


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