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TCH: Sinflower

  1. Dog Embassy (Experimental Passenger Part I)
  2. Substantia Nigra
  3. (P/G)nunu
  4. Redcast
  5. Last Known Resting Place
  6. Semipalatinsk (Experimental Passenger Part II)
  7. Spirit War
  8. Next...?
  9. Chemycal
  10. A Plague Diary

TCH also known as This Crepuscular Hour returns to the music not with a whimper but with a scream. Ever since the release of the "Abutilon EP" several years ago, I've been anxiously awaiting an innovative full length album from this Australian duo and "Sinflower" meets or exceeds all of my expectations. As with most Iridium/Dorobo releases, the presentation and layout of the liner jacket and gatefold are stunning and seem to mesh with the musical theme of the album as if they were designed in parallel. Musically the tracks on "Sinflower" range across a wide array of empirical excursions into sound manipulation. Some tracks revolve around a sparse central percussion beat with vocal samples, natural ambient noise, and other odd filtered noises wandering in and out while other tracks utilize a more straight forward approach with their instrumentation as they slowly build their mood to a crescendo. Amazingly, the album is a very soothing and cohesive body of work despite the radically different approaches to composition taken throughout. "Sinflower" will unquestionably cater to those fans who enjoy a mixture of world beat, jazz, and avante-garde musical overtures.

TCH is:
Eryn Tooney - violin, text
Peter Breuer - machines, additional text

Dorobo Records
P.O. Box 22
Glen Waverly, Victoria 3150


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