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SubArachnoid Space: Ether Or

  1. Circular Motion
  2. Whispers of Momentum
  3. Flicker
  4. Shady Character
  5. Repetitive Smile
  6. A Collection of SMoke
  7. Don't Look in the Mirror

SubArachnoid Space is a recently formed San Franciscan improvisational quartet who utilize a myriad of different musical styles in the music. All of the tracks on this album were culled from live performances, practices, and studio sessions, all which were improvised. Also of note is the absence of electronic instrumentation from the majority of the album. Most of the instruments used are of either ethnic or traditional western origin, which include such items as violin, hammer dulcimer, flute, drums, bass & guitar. The only electronic instrument used is a simple keyboard, with the remainder of the depth and atmosphere being derived from various guitar pedals and other similar equipment. Musically SubArachnoid Space fuse elements of rock, noise, jazz, and experimental music into a variety of both calming and jarring audio atmospheres. And even though all of the compositions are improvised, no two tracks sound remotely alike.

Subarachnoid Space is: Mason, Melynda, Jason, Michelle

The Unit Circle
P.O. Box 20352
Seattle, WA 98102


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