Album Cover

Sub Version: The Winds of War

  1. For You I Would Wait Forever
  2. Will
  3. Purity
  4. Hope
  5. Ice Angel
  6. Lifetime
  7. Extinction
  8. You Live in My Dreams

Sub Version is a dark electronic band with tracks that range from tragic gothic love songs and Bowiesque ballads, to upbeat electro compositions. For the most part, the entire album is very lulled and laid back with a very calming feel to it. However a handful of more upbeat pieces are just fast enough to be able to dance to them. Perhaps the strongest feature on the album is the vocal work. The vocalist, John, has a rather dynamic range which seems to suit the varied programming style present on the album. Sub Version also does an excellent job of crossing both the electro and gothic genres without resorting to rehashing old musical concepts. As a result, the album should appeal to both genres equally without using any of the standard cliches of either.

Sub Version is: John K

Mere Mortal Productions
P.O. Box 383 BU Station
Boston, MA 02215


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