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Skinny Puppy: Brap (Back and Forth III & IV)

Disc 1: Back

  1. Multimedia Track
  2. Jackhammer
  3. Splasher
  4. Double Cross
  5. Yo Yo Scrape
  6. Carry
  7. Guilty
  8. The Soul that Creates
  9. Brap
  10. Sparkless
  11. Dead Doll
  12. Deadlines
  13. Last Call

Disc 2: Forth

  1. Multimedia Track
  2. Uranus Cancelled
  3. All Eyes
  4. Reclamation
  5. Spasmolytic
  6. Grave Wisdom
  7. Tin Omen
  8. Gods Gift
  9. Convulsion
  10. Nature's Revenge
  11. Love in Vein
  12. TFWO
  13. Choralone

In the terms of Skinny Puppy memorabilia this double album has everything. From older unreleased tracks from the early eighties, live versions of tracks from the VIVIsectVI, Too Dark Park, and Last Rights tour, to a multimedia extravaganza hilighting the band from it's humble beginnings. The older tracks have that distinct feel one would remember from the majority of Back and Forth series Two while the live versions of the newer tracks are perhaps the cleanest live performances you'll ever hear culled from an extensive back catalog of old bootlegs. There really cannot be any single stand out track amongst the entirety of the collection as it is intended more as a retrospective of the band's history rather than a new album and simply comparing tracks which were written across ten or more years of time would not give Brap proper justice. The multimedia portions of the double album consist of short audiovisual segments as well as plenty of pure text which showcase all of the bands' exploits from the real life dog that Chud was modeled from to a European beer endorsement. Anyone depressed by the finality of the Skinny Puppy breakup or the death of Dwayne Goettel can at least find some shred of happiness contained with this fully illustrated jewel case by Dave McKean. A absolute must have for any Puppy enthusiast no matter large or small.

Skinny Puppy are: cEVIN Key, Nivek Ogre & Dwayne Goettel

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632 Broadway
Suite 301
New York, NY 10016
(212) 477-8198


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