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Various Artists: 21st Circuitry Shox

  1. Xorcist - Bad Mojo (Sancrosanct Mix)
  2. Steril - Egoist (On The Cross Mix)
  3. Unit 187 - Lardass
  4. Steril - No Remission
  5. Hate Dept. - New Power
  6. Gracious Shades - Amie
  7. Hate Dept. - Beat Me Up
  8. Xorcist - Iron Helix
  9. Nerve Filter - Melting
  10. Xorcist - Bitches
  11. Gracious Shades - Metamorphose
  12. Non Aggression Pact - Razor
  13. Xorcist - UNGDSOB

Have I been blind the past few years and just missed the existence of 21st Circuitry Records? I've had the luxury of listening to the entire back catalog of Xorcist, but apparently I haven't take a closer look at the rest of the label when I should have. The strength of the 21st Circuitry roster is phenomenal. Albeit Steril is a licensed band, but the remainder of the roster all have very strong tracks on this compilation. I do wonder if Steril's 'No Remission' is indeed swiping a bass line from Front Line Assembly, but that is neither here nor there. Nerve Filter, Hate Dept., Gracious Shades, and Unit 187 all strike me as potential groundbreaking bands. As for Non-Agression Pact, I've never been particularly impressed by anything they've done so their contribution to this compilation wasn't anything special. Aside from one band, which is mostly a personal opinion rather than a statement of their talent, the entire compilation is an exceedingly strong collection of tracks well worth the price of admission.

21st Circuitry Records
P.O. Box 170100
San Francisco, CA 94117


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