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Salvo (demo)

  1. Guttersnipe
  2. Virtue
  3. Frogger

Salvo is one of those underground bands that which sneak up from behind and pierce your cerebral cortex with such veracity that you wake up hours later in a pool of your own body fluids wondering why you feel so damn good. This three songs on this demo are so catchy that I simply could not bring myself to remove the tape from my cassette player even after I started wearing the tape out. The music is a extensive mixture of silicon implant lyrical hooks, penetrating guitar chords, and intricately weaved electronics which when sewn together yield a sonic bombardment of the utmost quality. I do have one minor complaint, towards the end of the final track, the song degrades into one huge ego stroking guitar solo which could be entirely done without and the track would be much better off. Salvo is one of the growing number of guitar wielding industrial bands who have succeeded in designing a sound unique enough to stand apart from the usual industrial clones.

Salvo is:
Daniel Kirkhaus - vocals, programming, sound design, guitar
Peter Auslin - guitar, low voice, additional programming

205 E. 14th St.
Suite 4A
New York, NY 1003
(212) 598-4482


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