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Pulse Legion: Evolve

  1. Evolve 4:46
  2. Who Decides 4:50
  3. The Fear 4:03
  4. Covet 4:03
  5. Never Over 4:07
  6. Remains 4:52
  7. Disillusion 4:31
  8. Maelstroem 6:32
  9. Wasted Redemption 3:58
  10. Before The Punishment 4:21
  11. Hideaway 4:08

Los Angeles based duo Pulse Legion combine the programming elements of the keyboard maestro's Mentallo & The Fixer with more of an aggressive mood on their debut "Evolve". Ultimately, Pulse Legion push their complex programming style to new levels with the sheer variation of keyboard rhythms and digital texturing. Yet with all of their obvious talent they cannot seem to shed the shadow of the Dassing brothers throughout the entire album. However it is difficult to determine if this is simply a coincidence or a more blatant attempt to mimic a very successful band. Yet, it is probably safe to give Pulse Legion the benefit of the doubt and enjoy their music since I highly doubt it was their intent to sound so derivative. The one thing that Pulse Legion does really well is to raise the overall BPM of their music to make it very suitable to club play and inevitably a probable stable of most club DJ's. They have also included a collaboration with COP International label-mates Soil & Eclipse, War-N Harrison of Fishtank No. 9 and Count Zero of Deathline International in the form of 'Before The Punishment' which makes for a very interesting listen. Pulse Legion is a band that has certainly suffered from a rather unfortunate clone syndrome on their first release but they seem to contain just enough talent that they will hopefully break forth from their shell with a future release.

Pulse Legion is:
John Ricker - vocals, programming
Samuel P. - programming, synth

COP International
981 Aileen St
Oakland, CA 94608


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